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Law Office of Steve Brannan April 1, 2021

There are few things more disheartening than being injured on the job. Fortunately, most companies offer their employees workers’ compensation. However, what happens if your employer does not offer such insurance? Please continue reading and reach out to our experienced Texas personal injury attorney to learn more about workplace accidents and how we can help you through the claims process going forward. Here are some of the questions you may have:

How Do Workplace Accidents Happen?

Workplace accdients can happen for several reasons, though generally, you can trace these accidents back to one general cause: negligence. Some of the most frequently sustained injuries in the workplace include slip and fall injuries, toxic chemical exposure injuries, dangerous building conditions, or injuries resulting from the use of defective equipment provided by your employer.

What Is the Function of Workers’ Compensation?

When employees are injured on the job, they depend on workers’ compensation insurance to provide them with the financial compensation they need to make a swift recovery. Though workers’ compensation is a great tool, it may not entirely cover the cost of your injuries, in which case you will file a third-party claim. Essentially, in a third-party claim, you will sue a negligent third-party, such as independent contractors, architects, or even equipment manufacturers or designers.

Are Employers in Texas Required to Provide Employees with Workers’ Compensation Insurance?

Even though workers throughout Texas, and across the country, for that matter, depend on workers’ compensation insurance to help them recover from their injuries without having to sue their employers, in Texas, employers are not required to purchase and provide such insurance. That being said, if you have been injured and your employer does not provide compensation, you will have to file a non-subscriber claim. This allows you to directly sue your employer for 100% of your medical bills, lost wages, and emotional damages. On the other hand, workers’ compensation only permits individuals to recover up to 70% of their lost wages. That being said, to win the maximum compensation in a non-subscriber claim, you will need an experienced personal injury attorney on your side. Fortunately, you have just found that attorney in the Law Office of Steve Brannan.

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