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Motorcycle Safety in Texas | What You Need to Know

Law Office of Steve Brannan March 31, 2021

If you ride a motorcycle in Texas, you most likely enjoy doing so, as they are fun, stylish, and great on gas. Unfortunately, the main downside of motorcycles is that they are dangerous. For this very reason, our experienced Texas personal injury attorney has compiled this short guide to motorcycle safety. Following the tips mentioned below may save your life someday. Please continue reading to learn more.

  • The first, and perhaps the most important, piece of advice you can follow is to wear a helmet every single time you ride. Furthermore, you should also always wear protective eyewear to shield you from bugs and other elements. Finally, wear padded jackets, knee pads, and gloves to reduce abrasion, should you ever fall off of your motorcycle.

  • Always look your motorcycle over before taking to the road. A simple, quick check could save your life. Check tire pressure, etc. Additionally, if you are driving and suspect that something is wrong, pull over and call for help–do not try and drive to a mechanic on your own, as this can cause the problem to become worse and may lead to an accident.

  • Though this sounds rather obvious, you must always obey all rules and regulations of the road, just as other motorists do. This means never driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, never speed (speeding is the number one cause of motorcycle accident fatalities in the U.S.), and always use hand signals or blinkers when appropriate.

  • Be constantly aware of your surroundings. This means knowing where all other cars are positioned in relation to yourself, ensuring that you do not tail any motorists (always stay 3 car lengths back), never driving while fatigued, and more.

  • On the flipside, just as it is your duty to see all other motorists, it is also your responsibility to be seen. This means wearing bright clothing if you are biking at night, ensuring that your motorcycle is equipped with reflective devices, and more. Let everybody know that you are there and that they should be careful.

If you are ever wrongly injured in a motorcycle accident in Texas, give our knowledgeable Texas personal injury attorney a call today.

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