Group Car Accident

How Much Is My Case Worth?

The Law Office of Steve Brannan April 16, 2022

One mistake can cause an accident that changes your life forever. After an accident, whether it’s on the road or while you’re at work, you will need time to focus on your recovery, which often means medical appointments and the bills that follow. You may need to pay to repair property that was damaged in the accident as well.

The bills after an accident can quickly add up. If you were involved in an accident, you may want to consider speaking with a knowledgeable personal injury attorney. Our firm works to treat all our clients with concern, compassion, and friendliness. The Law Office of Steve Brannan is proud to serve clients in Odessa, Texas, as well as Midland, Big Spring, Pecos, Andrews, and throughout communities in West Texas.

Factors That Determine Your Case’s Value

It is possible to recover compensation for the damages you suffered due to the accident. In Texas, you can typically recover damages for your medical bills, lost income, property damage (such as vehicle repair bills), and your pain and suffering.

Several factors will affect your case’s value, or how much you can receive in damages for your case. These factors include the extent of the damage, who was at fault, the insurance coverage, and the injuries sustained.

Extent of Damage

Was your property, such as a vehicle, damaged during the accident? If so, the extent of that property damage will affect your case. For example, if your car was totaled, you will most likely be eligible to receive more compensation than if the accident was a minor fender-bender.


Who was at fault for the accident? In Texas, fault plays an important role in how much you can receive in compensation. The person or company with liability should be held responsible for the accident. If the accident was not your fault at all, or if it was only slightly your fault, then you will most likely be eligible to receive more compensation and your case’s value will increase.

Insurance Coverage

The insurance coverage of the person who was at fault for the accident will play a key role in the compensation you can receive. Speak with an experienced personal injury attorney to learn more about how insurance coverage can affect your compensation.

Injuries Sustained

The type and severity of injuries that you sustained will impact your case amount. If you were injured so seriously that you will miss work, you may be able to receive compensation for that lost income.

Modified Comparative Fault

Texas is a modified comparative fault state. According to this rule, if the accident was 50% or less your fault, then you are eligible to receive damages. However, the amount of damages that the court awards you will be reduced by the percentage that the accident was your fault.

For example, if you failed to come to a complete stop and the court determines that your failure contributed 10% to the accident, then your award would be reduced by that amount. So, if you were originally going to receive $50,000 in damages, you would then only receive $45,000, which is 10% less than $50,000.

Steps You Can Take to
Maximize Compensation

After an accident, you may need to secure as much compensation as you can to support yourself during your recovery. To maximize the amount of compensation that you receive for your case, it can be helpful to take these steps.

Hire a Personal Injury Attorney

Hiring a personal injury attorney can help you secure the maximum compensation for your case. A personal injury attorney who knows how to work with insurance claims adjusters can guide you through each step of the personal injury process. Call The Law Office of Steve Brannan to learn more.

Seek Medical Attention

Although you may think that the accident was minor and that you don’t need to see a healthcare provider, it’s always important to seek medical attention after an accident.

Some symptoms won’t appear for days or even weeks after the accident, but a qualified medical professional can help identify those injuries and limit the damage to your health.

It’s also very important to seek medical attention as soon as possible after your accident for documentation reasons. You’ll have the medical records to show the insurance company that you took the accident and your injuries seriously.

Don’t Take the First Offer

When the insurance company informs you of their first settlement offer, don’t take it. The insurance claims adjuster’s priority is to settle your case quickly while protecting the insurance company’s bottom line.

Therefore, the first offer is likely to be less than you deserve or possibly less than what you can get for your case. If you want to maximize your compensation, don’t accept the first offer.

Document Everything and Gather Information

To help build your case, it’s important to gather all the important information and to document as much as you can. At the scene of the accident, write down the name, phone number, address, driver’s license number, and license plate numbers of the other driver (or drivers) who were involved. You should also make sure to write down their insurance information.

If there were any witnesses, gather their names and phone numbers as well. Take pictures of the scene and write down in your own words exactly what happened. Keep copies of all your medical bills and bills for property damage as well.

Personal Injury Experience You Can Trust

An accident will most likely result in expensive medical bills. With the help of an experienced personal injury attorney, you can seek to secure compensation for those bills and other costs. Our firm treats you with compassion, and we will advocate competitively for you. The Law Office of Steve Brannan proudly serves clients in Odessa, Texas, as well as Midland, Big Spring, Pecos, Andrews, and throughout communities in West Texas. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.