Personal Injury


Suffering an injury is devastating enough; don’t fall into financial ruin or other post-accident issues because the person at fault hasn’t been held responsible. Take the first step toward making sure your personal injury claim can be settled fairly by contacting the Law Office of Brannan Steve, Attorney, P.C. We hold those at fault responsible for any injuries or suffering you may encounter as a result of an accident, whether it’s a truck wreck, oil field accident, workplace accident or some other injury. 

Personal Injury Odessa, TX

At the Law Office of Brannan Steve, it’s our job to help the victims of personal injury accidents. We go after the negligent wrongdoers who have made mistakes that result in devastating consequences. Your personal injury accident may leave you saddled with overwhelming medical expenses. That doesn’t even account for the emotional and physical trauma these accidents cause. The Law Office of Brannan Steve is there to ease all of your suffering. 


By choosing the Law Office of Brannan Steve, you get a personal injury attorney who is caring, trustworthy, and dedicated to seeing the best result for your case. Not only do we help those who have been injured in truck wrecks, but we also help those injured in workplaces by industrial trucks, forklifts or other heavy equipment. Most of these accidents happen as a result of poor safety-rule enforcement, inadequate training or a lack of safe operating procedures. We will go through all the necessary steps to prove you were not at fault for your personal injury accident and hold your workplace responsible.

The Law Office of Brannan Steve, Attorney, P.C. guarantees hard work on your case to obtain compensation and awards to help you get on with the rest of your life. This includes paying bills and rehabbing from your injuries. We want to make sure you can live a comfortable life again, regardless of what has happened to you. If you’ve suffered a motor vehicle accident, oil field accident or other workplace accident, contact the Law Office of Brannan Steve at (432) 268-0939 for the personal injury representation you need. 
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